Friday, 30 December 2011

All I need is a Better Place

Walker's Club@The Zon

Well, it's really weird to celebrate lovely Christmas in JB's club. 
Club doesn't like a club...just like a playground. I don't know what I was doing there.
Beside spraying unknown white liquid, there's still all about the annoying snowflakessss!
And you know what? We drank the venom which had been mixed with beer and snowflake.

I couldn't find anything related to Christmas, excluding the venom and snowflake. That's it.
So, I decided not to go anywhere and stay with my dear family in the coming new year's eve
but seems like this maybe the only way. (?! if I'll be Johor here)
Never mind, I'll still love Malaysia.  

Yew's Cafe & Bistro@Menara MAA

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